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The last time change?

Last sunday, 31st of March at 2 a.m we passed to 3 a.m, that is from the winter time to  the summer time. Recently it has been a lot of controversia about this topic.

Why do we do the time change?
This started with the petroleum crisis, at 1974. With the difficult energy situation , the European Union decided to do the time change two times per year. That way , they could take advantage of sunlight.

It has passed a lot of time since this happened and we still doing it. For this reason,there is a lot of people that things that as we have new technologies, we do not need this change.
However, there is also people that says that we save money doing this change even though , the average is of saving 3 euros per house.

The European Commission did an interview last year to 4,6 million people, and the 80% said that they did not want the time change. They were supposed to take it at March of 2019, but they have lengthened it until 2021.

Will it be the last time change in Europe?

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